How do you properly equip your children for the minefield of financial decisions in front of them? How about by starting on this page.

Should you get your kid a debit card? Where do you save your money? Are payment apps safe? Should you bank online or mobile?

Dig deep into FoolProof’s resources below to get a good understanding of the banking world!

Where Should You Save Your Money?

What You Need to Know About Peer-to-Peer Payments

JPMorgan Chase Fined $4.6 Million for Failures Related to Checking Account Screening Information

Should You Bank Online or Mobile?

Should You "Push" or "Pull" Your Online Payment?

How Do You Pay Your Bills? Online or Off.

7 Simple Steps to the Best Checking Account

Wells Fargo Ordered to Pay $185 Million Fine over Unauthorized Accounts

Should You Use Online Banking to Track Accounts and Pay Bills?

Santander Bank to Pay $10 Million Fine for Illegal Overdraft Practices

Mobile Payments: Ins & Outs

CFPB Finds Half of Online Payday Borrowers Rack Up an Average of $185 in Bank Penalties

Scammers & Checking Accounts

Should You Use Check Cashing-Services?

E-Statements and Managing Your Financial Accounts Online Can Offer Big Benefits

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